Finaly a Gimbal Phantom 2 Vision !

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If you are seeking for better stability, more control and  bigger angle  downwards for your phantom 2 Vision pictures… I have had some good news!

Drone Expert have designed a Gimbal especially for Phantom 2 Vision.

“This brusless Vision gimbal is an highly stabilized 2-axis gimbal, especially suitable for the DJI Vision. With his high precision, high stability and light weight this gimbal ensures you of perfect smooth/stabel pictures. Even when flying fast this gimbal can keep control over the Vision camera with the best quality results. Unlike other gimbals, this gimbal is really easy to install on the DJI Vision. Even after flying with the gimbal you can easely remove the gimbal for use of an other mount (like an 360 panorama mount or RX100 mount etc.). This DJI vision Gimbal uses the camera of the DJI Vision itself.

The Gimbal is designed to easy (dis)assembling it on your Phantom, this makes it easy to change to other mounts or free flights. The second pro is that the centre of gravity will be above the mounting plate, so less tumbling effect then hanging under the phantom (and less Jello). The plate itself has also a little damping.”

Adding to this, The New gimbal have the Tilt funcion (aim up/downwards) and uses the 7th channel of the controller (same time as the app).

With this Gimbal, Phantom 2 Vision camera can now make a 90 degree turn (and look 85 degree downwards).


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  1. Mark - Extreme Aerial Images

    Can you please tell me where I can purcahse one of these


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